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  1. Onsite services are provided by independent contractor Simon Levy (the Contractor).
  2. All onsite services are provided at the Customer’s request and are performed by the Contractor at the best of his ability in the utmost good faith.
  3. No responsibility is taken for hardware or software failure or loss of Customer data during service. No responsibility or liability is taken for direct or consequential loss resulting from any service or product provided by the Contractor.
  4. A travel fee of $33 - $55 may apply to locations beyond the indicated coverage area, and if applicable, will be advised prior to attending premises.
  5. If additional payment (or travel fee) is required to complete necessary or requested tasks, the Customer will be quoted an approximate amount. If the Customer agrees and accepts this quoted amount, payment by cash, cheque or money order is due upon completion.
  6. Troubleshoot & Fix: includes labour and installation of Customer’s own licensed software only, and does not include supply of hardware necessary to effect the repair. If applicable, the cost of hardware will be quoted separately. If system is not repairable (and cost of troubleshooting has been prepaid), the service will be converted to either equivalent value backup of user data, or setup of new system purchased by Customer. If the hardware is under original or extended warranty, please seek repair from the warranty provider.
  7. Unlicensed software or illegal practices are not supported.
  8. The Customer will ensure that an adult over 18 will be present on the premises at all times.
  9. The Contractor reserves the right not to proceed with any task for any reason and will inform the customer if this is the case at the earliest practicable time.
  10. Prices quoted may be subject to change without notice.

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